Youth at Head of the Fish 2014

Fish Photos, click to enlarge:
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Mackenzie King – 5th Less than half a second from 4th

Katie Samkavitz and Zoey Jopling – 7th with only a weeks practice!

MJ Novice 8+
C: Max Wohl, S: Bailey Cooper, 7: Brendan Falk, 6: Matthew Jopling, 5: Quinn Cleverley, 4: Reese Sterling, 3: Will Darling, 2: Joey Fasti, B: Nicholas Woloshyn
29th in a tight pack, a few seconds between each crew finishing form each other.

C: Sam Martorana, S: Jack Darling, 3: Sean Rickenbach, 2: Stephen Brown, B: Will Lambert
28th in another tight pack with the top 28 crews finishing within 1.30 of each other.

MJ Light 4+
C: Shannon Taylor, S: Max Bretl, 3: Michael Breed, 2: Neal Hafner, B: Rob Falk
12th – a solid crew. Wish they were more light events for you guys.

WJ Novice 8+
C: Collin Frankhouser, S: Jacqueline Armetta, 7: Isabel Treon, 6: Emma Akbari, 5: Bryn Kelly, 4: Logan Fitzsimons, 3: Samantha Moran, 2: Olivia Ondis, B: Morgan King
10th. Great things to come from these girls.

S: Lizzie Heffern, B: Mackenzie King
9th behind some HUGE clubs. Well done girls.

WJ Light 2x
S: Maddie Nasta, B: Leah Hunt
19th Great result from another new pairing.

C: Lulu Herman, S: Lauren Schuman, 3: Logan Fitzsimons, 2: Olivia Harrison, B: Brianna Woloshyn.
40th in a very large field.

S: Max Wohl, 3: Ian Fitzsimons, 2: Mason Lear, B: Jack Patterson
16th. Mixing up a novice rower, a coxswain and a regular double pairing, a great result!

Mixed 8+
C: Sam, S: Mackenzie, 7: Lizzie, 6: Sean, 5: Jack D, 4: Will L, 3: Stephen, 2: Katie, B: Zoey
5th with all rowers saying it felt clean and fast. Less than 30 seconds from 1st place.

C: Shannon, S: Max B, 7: Michael, 6: Lauren, 5: Maddie, 4: Bryn, 3: Neal, 2: Rob, B: Bri
18th in one of the tightest races of the day, the second for all of our rowers.

You all made me very proud of Swan Creek, you rowed your legs off.

Coach Min