River Navigation 2024

SCRC has a river navigation protocol to ensure safety for its members, assets, and others using the river. Typical navigation is upstream on the New Jersey side and downstream on the Pennsylvania side.  See River Navigation.

Exercise an abundance of caution when navigating through the Free Bridge and 202 Bridge arches. Click here to see a depiction of the arches that you should use per the River Navigation map.

Above the 202 Bridge is rocky on the New Jersey side. Depending on the flow, you may or may not see the rocks. In order to exercise the upmost caution, the river navigation north of the 202 Bridge is on the New Jersey side of the middle, not on the New Jersey bank. Please review River Navigation North of 202.

The river is always changing. New hazards can appear at any time. And, we share the river with other rowers, fishing boats, dragon boats, kayakers, paddleboarders, and swimmers. If river traffic is heavy and you cannot go through a designated arch or row your “line,” stop rowing and wait until it is safe to proceed. Exercise caution and common sense.

est. 1992