Site Clean Up & Boat Move

We are now in the month of March and it is time to start planning the 2016 Boat move!
Step one of this process is to get the site ready for the season prior to the boats being put on racks.

  • Due to the tree coming down we do have a few extra steps:
    The tree and stump will be cut up and made into wood chips for the site over the next week.
  • We will rebuild the 1x Rack (Matt Jezyk will design and build with the help of some of the men sweep team).

New this for this year is how we will put the boats & oars into service. We want to ensure that all needed equipment maintenance is completed BEFORE the first row! The Club boats will be inspected for the following:

  • The cox box wiring, speaker & connections are good
  • Seat wheels & slides run smoothly
  • Shoes which need to be replaced
  • Scull & sweep blades are labeled

Please keep in mind this may take up to two weeks to complete for all of the boats due to having all needed supplies.


Saturday – March 19 – 9:30 am – 12 noon

General Cleanup of the Grounds

Remove trash, rake leaves, spread the new chips, etc. Please bring gloves/rakes for this work.

  • Move launches to boat trailers
  • Clean up scull & sweep simulators

Clean Out & Inventory the Sheds

This will need a dedicated group to do this task. If you would like to work on one of the sheds, please contact Richard Park at [email protected].

The Front Shed:

  • Organize the supply of nuts/ bolts
  • Go through the drawers that have bow lights, clams etc.
  • Cleaning bottles & rags

The Back Shed:

  • Check regatta supplyies & the items stored for the youth.
  • Prepare the regatta tool box.
  • Should we consider some type of shelving in the back shed to store some of the youth boosters supplies?
  • Inventory the riggers in the shed to see if they are needed.
  • Discard things that do not belong to the club (i.e.The bike that has been stored there).

The Trailers will be brought to the Site

Boats will remain on the trailers until we begin boat inspection (per Alan’s repair schedule – i.e. the cox box wiring, shoes, slide rails, etc.). We want to ensure all needed maintenance is done before the boats go into service.

Sunday – March 20

Start time pending how March 19 goes, this is also a rain date.
Resume clean up and boat inspection, according to Alan’s repair schedule.

Saturday – March 26

March 27 is Easter.
Complete any follow up work, install 1x rack (per Matt J. schedule).

Saturday – April 2

Open the boat site – rowing pending river conditions and boat inspections.

If you have any ideas on how the Boat Site could look, now is your time to send in ideas! If there is something you would like to address or take on as a project please contact me at [email protected].

Thank you for your help on the 19th! Any needed details will be sent out the week prior.

Yours in Rowing,
Richard Park