Kings Head Regatta 2017

Silver for the quad after recovering from a full stop on the race course when another boat flipped and blocked their path

Club Results:

  • Mens Club 1x, William Risko, 2 of 5
  • Mens Veteran 1x (55-69), Ray Hill, 11 of 16
  • Womens Veterans 1x (55-69), Pat Glover, 1 of 4 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Master 4+ (27-Up), Bob Seaver, William King, David Gallagher, James Mayer, Carolyn Huckel), 1 of 5 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Master 4+ (27-Up), Richard Park, Matt Jezyk, Juergen Rahtz, Brian Price, RoseAnn Price), 2 of 5
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, Michael Rahtz, Benjamin Doman, Will Darling, Ian Fitzsimons, Lindsey McBride, 5 of 7
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 4+, Shelby Williford, Emma Akbari, Janine LeChien, Olivia Ondis, Anna Gambescia, 2 of 5
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, Logan Fitzsimons, Gabrielle Roberts, Riley Cooper, Marlaina Webster, Michaela Park, 7 of 12 
  • Mens Master 8+ (27-Up), Matt Jezyk, Bob Seaver, William King, James Mayer, Richard Park, David Gallagher, Juergen Rahtz, Brian Price, RoseAnn Price, 5 of 7
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, Brendan Falk, George Ashford III, Hayden Baker, Ryan Stack, Alexander Mott, Benjamin Doman, Ian Fitzsimons Michael Rahtz, Lindsey McBride, 7 of 8
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, Kathryn Spolar, Cassandra Diaz, Kaitlin Benson, Holland Engel, Emily Carleton, Maddie Wanzer, Mikayla Stewart, Ena Altier, Carolyn Huckel, 9 of 13
  • Mens HS/Youth JV/JR 4+, Ben Ondis, Aaron Hafner, James Hunt, Bailey Cooper, Anna Gambescia, 4 of 9
  • Womens Master 4x, Karen Palestini Falk, Rebecca Hodges, Patricia Riley, Linda Kruus, 2 of 2
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, Logan Fitzsimons, Emma Akbari, Shelby Williford, Janine LeChien, Gabrielle Roberts, Riley Cooper, Olivia Ondis, Marlaina Webster, Michaela Park, 8 of 13
  • Mens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, Henry Ashford, Ian Vogelsang, Ronan Engel, Silas Ashton, Samuel Clayton, James Hunt, Bailey Cooper, Caleb Ferraez, Carolyn Hucke, 3 of 5
  • Mixed 8+, James Mayer, David Gallagher, Richard Park, Mark Craig, Stella Volpe, Maura O’Donnell, Deborah Jones, Megan DeFeo, RoseAnn Price, 4 of 4

Full results here

Both Mens Fours with medals for 1st and 2nd