Boat and Equipment Acquisition Request

This communication is being sent out to survey the membership regarding equipment needs for 2014. In the past we addressed the equipment needs during the Boat / Equipment Acquisition meet in the January. This year we are starting this process early for two primary reasons:

  • Alignment with the 2014 Financial Plan
  • The boat inventory for sale in December is better in that February

We will use the same process as last year to document each request. The attached equipment request form will be used to gather the various requests. The reason for the request form is to allow all club members a chance to submit a request for equipment they feel the club should consider for the following year. The form requires three basic pieces of information

  1. Who is requesting the equipment?
  2. What type of equipment is being requested?
  3. Why the Club should consider this purchase (justification)?

We will ask that request forms be sent in by September 30. We will then schedule the Acquisition Meeting during second half of October. During the Acquisition Meeting the request will be reviewed and prioritized. Like last year, requests that are given the go ahead to move forward will be assigned a budget amount and a coordinator to follow the request through. Final approval of the acquisition will be made by the SCRC Board. Please send completed forms or have any questions, to Richard Park.

Request Form

Yours in Rowing, Richard Park