Advisory on River Navigation and Safety

The river level is still going down! . We have to be conscious of proper navigation and safety on the river. Please take some time to refresh your memory on how to navigate around the rock hazards on the river.

Generally, the boat damage has been caused by rowing too close to the shore. Look at the drawing on our website under “Rowing/Rowers’ Map of the River”. Please note that the map has not been updated in a few years, and now there is a large rock shoal at the mouth of the Swan Creek, just upstream, New Jersey side of the boat ramp.

A good rule to avoid most of the hazards is to stay in the middle half of the river – NJ side of the middle half when going upstream; and PA side of the middle half when going downstream. Go under the Bridge Street bridge in the dead center of the arches. In water at 9 feet and below, at the power lines downstream of the Route 202 bridge, stay in the middle third of the river. There are rock shoals on both sides, well out into the river. Also, stay away from the NJ side of the river altogether upstream of the Route 202 bridge. Plenty of rocks there too. However, this does not mean you should hug the PA side as soon as you go under the 202 bridge. Stay in the mid section of the river, tending toward the PA side, up there.

It is also quite shallow at the boat ramp. Please walk the boats out further into the river, so they skegs do not hit the rocks when you put the boat in the river or when you get in and row away.

If you would like a power boat tour of the river to see the rocks up close, speak to a Board member to arrange.

Another good rule if you are in doubt of your skills, or the flow is fairly high, is to never go downstream of the boat ramp. This will keep you well away from the dam.