US Rowing Waivers

Important action item for all SCRC Members

US Rowing Waivers:

Each year the Club is required to submit its membership roster to US Rowing. In addition to the submission of the Club roster, US Rowing requests that each member fill out the US Rowing waiver (this is an annual requirement). The reason for this request is related to the umbrella insurance policy the Club has with US Rowing / Roehrs Insurance. Typically US Rowing waivers are required to compete in regattas, therefore many Club members have completed the waiver, however there are many Club members who do not race and do not have a waiver in place with US Rowing.

Per this communication, The Board asks that that all members log into the US Rowing Waiver portal (paste the link below in to web your browser to get to the web page for the wavier) to confirm your US Rowing wavier or to create one.

Step 1: You will be asked for the club code. The Swan Creek Club code is AYYQY.
Step 2: The site will then ask for your last name & age so it can search to see if you have a current 2014 waiver.
Step 3: Review your wavier or create a 2014 waiver!