US Rowing Roster Request

During the past few months, USRowing has been working in partnership with Regatta Central to develop a new and improved membership database for organizational and individual members. The rollout for US Rowing member Clubs (which includes Swan Creek) is slated for mid December.

Due to the new database, Swan Creek has now received a request from US Rowing to update all Club members’ information as well as sign their waiver. A few weeks back you may have seen a similar request from the SCRC Board for members to update waivers; if you have already done that, this request is to make sure your personal information (name, address, email, birth date, etc.) is accurate. If you have not yet signed the waiver you can do that when you update your information. If both are good, then you do not need to do anything, but please, everyone, double check, so the new database will be as clean as possible.

*** The importance of the waiver is that it enrolls you in the US Rowing insurance policy the Club pays for. ***

To comply with this request, we are asking ALL CLUB MEMBERS to update all of their personal information. Please visit and click on the ³Sign Waiver² button in the athlete box. The next screen will ask you to enter your club access code, which is: AYYQY
Next year this will be a requirement of the application process, to assure we have everyone current in the database, as well as a current waiver (an annual requirement).

If you have any questions please let one of the Board members know.

Yours in Rowing,