Trees Down at Boat Site

During the storms that came through the area on Wednesday night, two trees were uprooted and fell to the ground. The first was the tree by the scull blade rack (picture below) and the second was next to our storage shed at the back of the site. As you will see from the picture, the first tree destroyed the picnic table and the club 1x rack. This tree stretches across the property and it seems no other damage was done; thankfully all of our boats are in winter storage in Kingswood Township NJ! This has been reported to the D&R Park Commission who advised us that SCRC is responsible to remove the tree. The good news is we now know where we can a fresh load of wood chips!

The second tree fell into the wooded area behind the boat site. On a more serious note, while inspecting the tree damage very early on the morning of Feb 26th, Alan Albanir came across a person sleeping in the back shed. This has been reported to the Lambertville Police and the D&R Park Commission. As a result of this, the Club will need to secure the shed with a lock. We will communicate how to access the shed for the coming season for those who will need it. With securing this shed, the possibility of this happening again should be diminished. The board will determine if all of the SCRC sheds will need securing.

Thanks see you at the Ergfest!

Richard Park
Swan Creek Rowing Club