Swan Creek Youth Ergathon

The Swan Creek Youth Ergathon is an annual fundraiser for the youth program that will occur on April 9 at the ESC school. The youth raise the money for Swan Creek Youth Scholarships and to support the program. In addition to raising funds, the Ergathon is a great time for the rowers.

Rowers are split up into teams and compete as both teams and individuals. By sponsoring a rower, you pledge to donate a certain amount of money for each meter rowed during three 2-minute individual reps. For example, if you pledge $0.03/meter for John Smith, and John Smith rows 2,696 meters, then you make a donation of $80.88.

Please consider sponsoring a youth rower for the Ergathon event. Contact Rob Falk @ [email protected] to donate or for more information.

AND, we realize that many members had a great time at the SCRC Erg event. Are you game for more? Please contact Coach Min @[email protected] if you want to participate.