Storm Today Damaged Club and Private Boats

A severe thunderstorm hit the boat site and severely damaged several club boats and two private boats. Some of our members have been to the site to check on the damage, and they report the following regarding Club owned boats:

Hudson Cuff – snapped
Kaschper Raven – snapped
Wintech 2x – snapped
Vespoli 4 – snapped
Kaschper 4 – snapped

Red Hudson – some damage
Peinert Zephyr 2 – some damage
Arabella – ?-  boats are on top of it but it might be ok

We are contacting our insurance agent to file a claim; and also hiring a tree service to remove the fallen trees. We will assess the boats with regard to the potential for repair and need for replacement. We will contact the Canal Park Commission and railroad, the owners of our site to report the damage.

If you are a private boat owner, you may want to remove your boat while the damage is being cleaned up in order to avoid any damage that might occur as a result of the work.