Safety on Windy Days

The recent high winds reinforces the need for caution when deciding if conditions are safe for rowing. Steady high winds make for unsafe rowing, and even occasional gusts can be a challenge to experienced rowers.

Before coming to the boat site, check the weather forecast to determine the wind condition. If it is windy, go down to the ramp and take a look at river conditions before carrying a boat down. Use good judgment and always err on the side of caution.  Novice rowers need to be especially cautious.  Don’t take foolish risks when the weather or the river is telling you to stay on dry land.

The board is gathering information to determine if there should be a hard “no row” wind speed. While that investigation is taking place, the board recommends that novice rowers or those just learning to row should not row if the wind is blowing or gusting at 15mph or more.

I had personal experience with this yesterday. I was below the launch ramp and taking a rest before I turned upstream. I forgot about the wind and was blown across some rocks that are near the surface due to the low water. I will be taking my boat to have the cracks in my hull repaired soon.