March 23 Boat Move and Site Update

We made a lot of progress this weekend in constructing the new boat racks! However we still have some chores we would like to complete at the site before the boats are placed on the racks. Below is the plan to get the work done and boats off the trailer and onto the racks.

8:30 am – Prepare the site for the Boats:
The group will be divided into several teams:

  • Move launches and organize launch related equipment 
  • Clean up back area of site; this is where the platforms are for the erg and rowing simulator 
  • Removal of brush and general clean up 
  • Rake up existing wood chips 
  • Check site for any holes created by the racks that were removed 
  • Any needed adjustments to the racks will made during this time by the construction team from last weekend

9:30 am – Trailer should be at the site:
Depending upon the progress on the tasks listed above, we would begin taking the boats off the trailer. We would like to perform some general clean up of the boats as we take them off the trailer. The general clean up would entail washing the hull & inside of the boats and grease the slides. Due to the lack of a fresh water supply, we may be limited to the use of spray bottles to clean the boats. Also, we will rig many of the boat as possible.

What you can bring:
Work gloves and a gallon milk jug of tap water or some other water container (to fill the spray bottles). We would like to get this wrapped up in a few hours (3hr – 3.5hr), however this will depend on how many members are available to help out.

Please join us at 8:30 this Saturday!