Mainline Slide 2017 Results

Swan Creek Youth had an AWESOME day at Mainline Slide at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, PA (Kobe Bryant’s high school). Medals and PRs galore.

Results as follows:

Junior Men – 40 participants

  • Will Darling 6:46.9 9th place
  • Ryan Stack 7:22.8 25th place

Junior Women – 31 participants

  • Cara Bradley 7:28.3 1st place

Junior Lightweight Men – 15 participants

  • Ian Fitzsimons 6:57.9 2nd place

Junior Frosh Women – 30 participants

  • Gabi Roberts 7:57.1 1st place
  • Olivia Ondis 8:19.6 4th place
  • Shelby Williford 8:26.7 5th place

Full results here

Well done to those who raced, they all raced strategically while others around them went out too quickly, a hard skill to master amid competitive chaos! What a warm-up for SCRCs own Ergfest!

Coach Min

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