Low Water and Dues

BE ALERT – The river level is quite low (normally what we experience in August) and it seems the shoals downstream of the Route 202 bridge are only wide enough for one boat to pass at a time. Two 8s will NOT fit and MAYBE an 8 and a 1X would fit, but avoid trying to fit an 8 and any other boat in shoals. The shoals are also totally different and shallow in areas that used to be deep and deep in areas that used to be shallow. Its going to take some time to learn the new patterns. Also note that the Swan Creek disgorged tons of rocks into the river during last year’s storms. You must row further out from shore than previously when passing the mouth of the creek.

On the other hand, river conditions are far more rowable than practically any time last season! Always keep safety in mind, and keep Club boats in good repair.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the site cleanup and boat move day. Almost everything that needed to get done was done.

And, of course, before you can row, your membership dues need to be paid. The membership application is on the website (check out the new website design – Thanks to Steve Platt) under the “Membership” pull-down menu. If you have trouble accessing the file, send an email to [email protected] As always, remember that all pages of the application need to be filled in. It is important for our insurance policy that you sign the waiver and the swim certification. Your membership is not considered current until all paperwork is complete.

It is important that we have up-to-date information on you, like emergency contact name and number and, of course, your preferred email address. Ted