Lewis Island Movie Night

The Lewis family generously shared their property on Lewis Island to host the club during its first decade. Without the Lewises the club would likely not exist today. Please consider giving back by attending The Lewis Island Family Outdoor Movie Night Experience, a fund-raising event to help them pay for property maintenance.

Info from the event website:

“For generations, the Lewis family has been giving back to their community in so many ways. Now it’s time for us to give back to them! Join us for a magical night under the stars on the island with a family style outdoor movie night to raise money to help them pay for property maintenance.

On the night before Shadfest, grab your chairs and blankets and be greeted by the bridge troll. If you’re lucky enough to be on his list, he will nod twice granting your party access to the Lewis Island Experience. We hope for your sake he doesn’t nod once.

Once you step foot onto the Island, there will be many surprises awaiting you and yours. Doors open at 7:30pm and the movie begins at 8pm. We are withholding the title to the movie but we assure you that it’s one of the very best for the young and old, boy and girl. Only 200 seats are available for this one time spectacular event.”

Find the flyer here