Intra Club Regatta Results

A great success! No crashes, all skegs/equipment in shape, everyone who wanted a race got a race. Great race practice and some seriously fast times!

Thanks to all who contributed today, went pretty smoothly for an impromptu event.

[Note: distance was about 1.08k, upstream edge of the 500m house to the ramp]

Race 1 Time
Womens Masters 8+ 4.41.3
Womens J16 8+ 3.52.6

Race 2
Mens Masters 1x – Dave Cuff and Ron Filler

Race 3
Mens Junior 4+ A 3.54.2
Mens Junior 4+ B 4.17.1

Race 4
Masters 2x
Juergen Rahtz/Mark Craig 3.54.1
Ron Filler/Julia Gearhart 4.24.5

Race 5
Time trial Womens Junior 8+ 3.40.5

Race 6
Mens J16 8+ 3.52.5
Womens Masters 4x 4.50.1

Fastest womens team of the day – WJ8+
Fastest mens team of the day – MJ16 8+

Thanks again.

[Photo contributions are welcome here: [email protected]]