Insurance Information for Private Boat Owners

Please see the information below that Jane Wilson kindly forwarded:

For all with private boats: After the tree disaster at the boat site, I analyzed in detail my home-owners insurance that, supposedly, covered recreational equipment. Well, except most sculls and for most of the instances where our boats are damaged. And if you race, then there is no coverage…. I wish I could race fast enough in my scull to make racing dangerous!

Leonard Insurance Group works with USRowing and is the group that handles Swan Creek’s boat insurance. John Leonard has made a specialty of insuring rowers. He rows himself and knows the value of boats and the things that can happen to them.

After meeting with John Leonard at our site for the club’s boats, I signed up for boat insurance with him. Insurance for my boat, valued at $5,000, runs about $140 a year and carries a deductible of $250. Most repairs run over $1,000. The coverage also covers oars and other associated equipment.

In the policy letter John writes: “The majority of our claims activity involves transportation, collisions on the water with submerged objects, and improperly tied down boats. Weather is another significant source of trouble, especially high winds and floods, so please do what you can to anticipate serious weather conditions that can lead to claims.”

If you have a private boat, you should review your insurance policy. John Leonard’s email is [email protected] , phone 610-789-9600.