Important Safety Announcements

We want to call to your attention two items:

Low River Levels
The river has been low all summer and fall but the gauge will drop below 8′ over the next few days, so now it is REALLY LOW….

Please use extra caution at the boat ramp and avoid the piles of stone directly off the ramp and on the Pennsylvania side of the river on the return trip (down river) by the 202 Toll Bridge. Be sure to get to the Jersey side and go through the deep channel through the shoals. Due to this needed navigation, be extra aware of other club members on the water as you may be moving in opposite directions, with your back to each other, going through the shoals. With conditions like this there is a chance to break off the skeg on the bottom of the boat. If this does happen please be sure to report this on an incident report and via email. Please refer to our website –, access the menu under Administrivia/Incident Report.

Darkness & Fog
With the days getting shorter, please be mindful of getting off the water so there is some daylight for you to put the boat and oars away. At this point in the season you should be back at the boat ramp at approximately 6:30 as the darkness sets in by 6:45 and it will get earlier as the days go by.

If you are rowing in the evening, please use a bow light. They can be found in the equipment shed on the left-hand side.

Also be mindful of the fog in the mornings due to the cooler temperatures. Many days the fog is not lifting until at least 7 am or later.

Row Safely and Enjoy the Final Weeks of our 2016 Rowing Season!