High Water/Wood Chips/Regattas

Some updates:

  • The RED FLAG is up: The latest river height reading is 12.8, and should stay above 12 for tomorrow. Therefore no rowing for SCRC. Please check the Club website link to the river gage this week before heading down to the boat site.
  • Wood Chips, yes we still have wood chips to spread around the site…. Thank you to all who have been spreading the chip over the past week! We have made a lot of progress in getting them spread around the site. Since we can’t row, why not consider spending some time at the site to spread the chips around, it is a great workout!
    • The tools are by the pile (shovel, rake & wheelbarrow), we could use wood chip coverage by the 4+ and double rack as well as around the Club 1x rack
  • Club boat usage at the Independence Day regatta (July 4 – 7)
    • Several Club boats will signed-out for racing over the 4th of July weekend, please consider this for your weekend rowing plans. The boat in use for the race are:
      • 8+  Fred Lewis, Kaspher
      • 4+  Black Vespoli, Menges
      • 2x   Raven (Sunday only)
      • 4x  WinTech
      • 1x  Cuff, LW 1x(periwinkle)
  • Upcoming races SCRC Members will be competing in:
    • Youth Nationals July 10 – 14
    • Carnegie Lake July 13 (Masters)
    • Diamond States July 27 (Masters)
    • Quaker City Aug 3 (Masters)
    • Rookie Regatta Aug 10

If you would like to compete in any of these races with club boats, please contact Richard Park[email protected] to reserve a boat or information on how to team up with other club members to race with.

Yours in Rowing,
Richard Park