Heroes of the Day

April 30 brought several inches of heavy rain to the area. As you would expect the Delaware rose rapidly, and did it ever. Due to the high water, the dock for the SPLASH and the club launches got pushed around by swift current and large amounts of debris (i.e. large tree limbs). As a result of the rain the three Club launches were flooded. The newest of the launches (purchased last year) just amount sank. That is where Holly Green (Master Quad rower) and Eric Clark (from the SPLASH) sprung into action!

The three launches were bailed out so they could float again and the debris was set loose to float down to Philly! The river will remain above the Club flood levels for the next few days. Therefore the RED flag is up, so no rowing. The flag could be up until Monday / Tuesday of next week so check the Club web site for water levels (BTW a big thanks to Steve Platt for the great Flag graphic on the site!)

Thanks Eric & Holly for a job well done!!