Help Us Improve SCRC

We are halfway through the 2017 rowing season and our goal is to make SCRC the best possible rowing club. The current board has received some input from members for areas that could use improvement. We would like to explore this more in depth to understand how our members feel about the rowing club and what it means to them.

Swan Creek is made up of great people who have various experiences with our club. We have youth and senior members, novice & competitive masters. SCRC is an independent club that doesn’t burden its membership with many restrictions as to when they can row or what equipment they use, however, this can cause issues in terms of equipment usage and scheduling. What we need to do is find the right balance for the club.

Our proposal is to establish a group of eight to ten SCRC members who will come together and discuss how they see SCRC now, and more importantly, what should SCRC look like in the future. Current SCRC board members would not be part of this committee and we would like to have a good cross section of the membership involved (sweep, scull, men, women, youth, new to the club, long time members).

The main deliverable of this group will be to develop and execute a membership survey to quantify the opinions of the membership. We would like to launch this initiative during the September membership meeting and the group will meet no more than three times between September and December to discuss, execute and conclude the survey.

Suggested Topics to Address:

  • Current State of SCRC – What Works/What Doesn’t
  • Membership Communication and Engagement
  • Equipment Usage & Scheduling Issues

We are requesting members who would like to serve on this committee to contact me at [email protected]. Please consider raising your hand to get involved with your Club. The most important aspect of SCRC is the people and providing the best possible environment for our sport.

Thank you!