Gwyn Awarded the Coxswain’s Award at DSM 2013

Gwyn received the John R Schoonover Coxswain’s Award at Diamond State Masters this past Sunday 7/28/13:

“Are you sure? I’m from Philly and quite mean.”
“Gwyneth:  The Regatta Committee of the Wilmington Rowing Center was very pleased to have  selected you as  the winner of the John R Schoonover Coxswain’s Award at the 23st Annual Howard M Smith Diamond State Regatta.   This year the award was sponsored by the St Andrews Alumni Classes of ’52 and ’44, Carter Werth and Bill Brownlee. You join a very select list of coxswains that have been so honored, and were selected this year from a long list of candidates.    Your performance at the regatta was particularly worthy of recognition.   A coxswain is an essential component of the sport and very valuable member of any rowing organization.  Our dispatcher, Ken Hutton,  and dock personnel noted your firm command of the boat and your crew, and your polite cooperation with our volunteers.  Performance on the water also reflected your skills,  timeliness to events, and motivation of your crews.  It is really our honor to present you with this recognition.    Judging by your subsequent anointing in Noxontown Pond, your Swan Creek crew was also excited and pleased you were awarded the trophy.  John Schoonover was one of the earliest members of the Wilmington Rowing Center, and the co-founder of the Diamond State Masters Regatta. He simply loves the sport and the competition.    He started coxing on Noxontown Pond for St Andrews School when he was 12 years old and over the past few years has organized and coxed the St Andrews Alumni Crew in our Regatta as well as many others including the masters regatta at Henley.  While his St Andrews eight did not finish  in first place this year,  John would be proud to tell you that  he beat the other St Andrew boat in his heat.    He is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia, a fine arts photographer and  owner of Schoonover Studios and the Rodney Street Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware.  Most of the art work in our Regatta Yearbook comes from John and his collections of rowing materials.  We hope that you are as passionate about the sport as John is.”
…and for “putting up with that odd group of men”

Cox Toss: