Big Al Says…

Be Accountable!

This is a gentle reminder that everyone in the club has accountability for the upkeep and care of the site and equipment for the club. This year has been very successful on many fronts, including the LTR programs, which have introduced many new rowers to the sport. We also have a number of new coaches, as well as new youth in the youth program . With all of this, not everyone knows or appreciates the “how to’s” for everything, so don’t be shy and speak up (in a nice way) if something isn’t being done properly.

Some Points to consider:

  • Any time you are at the site, spend time looking at everything at the site. If you see something that needs attention, don’t just ignore it – address it.
  • If you are unsure of how something should be done, don’t be shy, ask someone. Everyone is friendly.
  • The site is not a locker room. Please take your clothes and shoes home. It doesn’t matter that they may be wet – they need to go home with you. Items left at the site will be taken and either thrown out or donated.
  • Do NOT leave disposable water bottles at the site on the ground or on tables or chairs. These bottles harm the environment. Take them home. Any time any member sees a bottle just sitting there and it is obvious no one is around, take the time to pick it up and throw it out. Don’t leave it for someone else to do.
  • Do NOT leave refillable water bottles at the site. They are environmentally friendly, but again, they pile up and become disowned once at the site. Bottles left at the site will be thrown out when there is obviously no one around who they could belong to.
  • While there are courtesy garbage cans at the site, there is not a Garbage Man that takes it and separates out the recyclable from the garbage. What you bring to the site you should take home and that includes your garbage. There are times when things need to go in the garbage, and that is fine. If you see a full garbage can, be accountable and put the garbage in a bag and take it home and dispose of it with your home garbage. Don’t let it overfill and get ugly.
  • Boats need to be wiped down after every practice. This means both sides and not just the sides that are easy to get to. Best practice is to wipe it down before the boat is put back in the rack.
  • Extra care needs to be taken when moving boats on and off the racks and down the water. Bumping riggers with the hull generally causes scratches/dents and holes in the boats.
  • Oars on the vertical racks should be hung nicely on their collars with each blade in its respective slot.
  • Check the website for boat availability (double’s/pairs/quads/4’s/8’s) on the calendar and reserve them if you need one. If a boat is reserved, reach out to the team or member that has it reserved and see if it can be used. This is especially important during regatta weekends, as boats can be off site for multiple days.
  • Keep the gas locker locked. Too often than not it is left open. Some of you will remember all of the problems we had last year with bad gas and poor running launches.
  • Keep shed doors closed and secured. If you see a shed open and no one is around, close it.
  • Return equipment to the shed after you use it. If you accidentally take something home, bring it back as quickly as you can. This year we have had to replace tools multiple times as they keep disappearing.
  • Extra Nuts/Washers and bolts are supplied in the shed, but take care when rigging and de-rigging to not drop and lose nuts and bolts. This year we have gone through an excessive amount of bolts/washers and nuts.
  • When it rains or has rained, bail out the launches. Not just the one you like, but do all of them.