Boat Site Prep

Here is an update on what has been going on with the club in preparation for the coming season.

Site Cleanup:

We had a successful morning! Thank you to to all the members who helped out today. Despite the snow fall on Friday we were able to clear out all of the dead branches & brush. Three pickup truck loads of trash and discarded boat parts were removed!

Next Steps:

A team of club members has come together and designed a new site layout for the various boat racks. Also the club was also able to get permission for some tree removal. This gives us more space for the boat rack layout (and less tree limbs to fall on our boats!). Construction of the new racks based upon the new site layout will take place next weekend. If you would like to help out next weekend please contact Richard Park directly for more information. The exact timing of the work may depend on the tree removal.

Boat Move:

March 23rd beginning at 8:30 am: we are returning the boats from storage! Please stop by if you can help out – more hands make for quick work! Thanks!

Launch Captain Needed:

This is a new position for the club. We are looking for club member to lead the effort to get the launches ready for the season. The goal is to ensure that the club launches are ready for use in April. This would include any safety equipment needed when the launches are used for coaching this year. Please contact Richard Park for more information.