Boat Scheduling and Google Calendar

Our procedures for reserving and scheduling the usage of all boats, oars and launches for practicing and racing are provided below. If there are questions contact Ted Pytlar at [email protected].

  1. Teams and groups: We have several teams and groups who practice on a regular schedule. Their schedules can be found at this link: 2015 Equipment Usage Schedule. It includes their anticipated racing schedules. The team and group schedules are primarily for eights, fours and quads. Although the Youth Team has made regular use of singles, pairs and doubles as part of their practices and races. The Men’s Team has also used small boats.
  2. Google calendar: The Club has established a Google calendar on the website. The password was sent in a separate Constant Contact email on 5/1/2015, if you did not receive it email your request to [email protected]. All teams, groups and individual club members should use the calendar to make reservations for boats, oars and launches. Teams and groups should enter their reservations on the calendar along with individuals. The calendar can be accessed via the Schedules\Team Boat Schedule tab on the website. Members who wish to use the calendar for reserving equipment should read and follow the rules listed on the calendar page. An important rule to remember is that reservations that are not to be used must be deleted from the calendar.

Please be considerate of other members. If you are not going to use a reserved boat, take down the registration.