Boat Replacements and Repairs

We have been working to replace and repair the destroyed and damaged boats. Two fours have been ordered from a club in Florida. They are 2005 and 2006 vintage Vespolis. One is a midweight and the other a lightweight. They are scheduled to arrive in Lambertville next week.

We sent four boats for repair. They are the Kashper quad, Kashper double, Hudson pair/double, and the Cuff single. We prioritized the repairs so that the quad will be first and the Kashper double second. The quad is being repaired, and we hope to have it back in a week or two. The Hudson will probably be third, due to the fact that the Cuff will be the most difficult to repair. The repair shop will  update us on the schedule for the remaining boats after the quad is fixed. We hope to have all of the boats back by the end of the season.

I have spoken to the person who does the repairs regarding the condition the boats will be in when we get them back. He assured me that the weight increase due to the repairs will be negligible and the “feel” of the boats should not be affected by the repairs. I am sure we will be hearing from those who row them about that when they are returned!