Boat Move and Site Breakdown – Important Reminder

Load’m Up & Move’m Out

All traces of Swan Creek Rowing Club must be gone from our current location by November 12. This is a major undertaking and will require the participation of all members.

We will be moving the boats into winter storage and breaking down all racks, sheds, etc. to completely clear our current site. A more detailed schedule will follow but for now, please plan on being available Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5 and again Saturday, November 11 and Sunday November 12. We will begin working each day at 9 am.

All private boats must be removed by Sunday, October 29.

Mark Wetzel will be coordinating the November 4 & 5 weekend tasks but we are still looking for someone to act as Project Coordinator for the November 11 & 12 weekend tasks. Contact Richard Park if you would be able to take on this responsibility.