Alert: River Navigation

The good weather is finally here! So it is time to start rowing (after your dues have been paid)! We have two items to call to your attention.

Shad fishing season! The “fish” flag is up!

Please be aware of the anchored fishermen. One of the best spots to fish for the shad is under the two downstream arches of the free bridge. When the fishermen are anchored that means they have lines in the water. Please leave a 20 foot distance between your boat and the fishermen. This may require you to go through the upstream arch when multiple fishing boats are under the bridge. Also, the fishing nets are out by Lewis Island, please be on the lookout for the nets. They are marked with white floats.

We will need to be aware of these conditions during the shad fishing season which should end in early May.

New river hazard to navigate around

Over the winter a large object has come to rest on the river floor just upriver from the 1,000 meter house. Resting with the object is a fallen tree trunk; therefore this may be there all season. We have put an orange marker in the river where the object is (see pic below). If the water level is above 9.5 feet it will be submerged so the marker should give you the area to avoid. Unfortunately this is the general area we turn to start a 1,000 meter piece.

A very large of piece metal debris has lodged itself against a large submerged tree slightly upriver of the 1000m house.