Alert: Cold Water

Update 5/23/2016: Finally rose above 60F degrees around 11am on 5/19.

Update 5/18/2016: And still… We still have “Blue Flag” conditions. Use caution.

Update 5/12/2016: The water temperature remains below 60F degrees and has not been above 60F since 4/28. We still have “Blue Flag” conditions. Use caution.

Even though it’s early May, the river water temperature dipped back below 60F degrees on April 29th and has remained there as of today, May 3rd. Please heed the “Blue Flag” conditions and these guidelines:

Rowers classified as Novice or Youth should adhere to the “Four Oars Rule”. If the combined water/ambient air temperature does not total 90F degrees or greater (with water temperature at least 45F degrees) a SCRC boat must use at least four oars to ensure a minimum of stability on the water.