2016 Learn to Row (LTR) Programs

On June 25, SCRC will begin its Master’s LTR program for 2016. This is a ten session program that is designed to give a more structured experience to the sport of rowing. The goal of the sessions are to provide a pathway to joining the Club when the program ends and bring new members to SCRC. If you have questions or know someone who would like to participate please contact Maria, our membership coordinator, at [email protected].

This summer SCRC will conduct several one day LTR sessions for some of the local Cross Fit Clubs. The one day LTR events, which will be approximately three hours, are another way to help promote our sport in the region. Please keep an eye out for more information as we may be in need of volunteers to help with these programs.

The Youth LTR will take place during August with two 2-week camps, each camp meeting Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5-8 pm and weekend mornings from 9 – 11 am. If you know anyone who would like more information, please direct them to our youth learn to row webpage or enquire at [email protected].