Great Results for the SCRC Youth!

Great results for the SCRC Youth!

With other local clubs having around 150+ youth members, Swan Creek continues to punch above its weight. Well done for the more recent cohesiveness, we have been better at supporting each other on and off the water. One last head race left this season…watch this space!

Navy Day – tougher competition, tougher racing conditions but a tougher mindset and some new-found focus.

  • MJV8+ 12th of 22. Cox: Sam, Stroke: Andrew, 7: Mike Szymanek, 6: Isaac, 5: Rob, 4: Mike Breed, 3: Will, 2: Tim, Bow: Max Bretl

4th through 12th within a minute of each other, a tight race. Great result against some big clubs.

  • WJV8+ 7th of 14. Cox: Lulu, Stroke: Jacqueline, 7: Zoey, 6: Maddie, 5: Katie, 4: Lauren, 3: Abbey, 2: Brianna, Bow: Lizzie.

Only 45 seconds between 1st and 7th. So much potential in this boat. Exciting times ahead.

  • MJ4+  20th of 25. Cox: Max Wohl, Stroke: Stephen, 3: Sean, 2: Josh, Bow: Jake.

With a bow number of 666 it’s incredible they finished the race unscathed. Clean blade-work guys, well done.

  • WJ4x 1st of 18. Stroke: Mackenzie, 3: Kelly, 2: Leah, Bow: Miranda.
Navy Day 4x winners

Great job ladies. They beat their nearest competition by 21 seconds. Not just a win – total dominance. Took 2 boats at the same time midway, in front of the parents tent – thanks ladies!

  • MJ8+  12th of 20. Cox: Sam, Stroke: Derek, 7: Christian, 6: Jordan, 5: Ryan, 4: Jared, 3: Jack Stauffer, 2: Jack Darling, Bow: Nicholas.

Some tough competition, only 30 seconds splitting 5th and 12th. Great focus in this boat and well timed pushes.

Head of the Christina – crazy course, a lot of debris, some crabs, some great recoveries and lots of passing. The second race ever for some of our summer intake so fantastic results.

  • MV4+  10th of 17. Cox: Sam, Stroke: Derek, 3: Christian, 2: Jordan, Bow: Nicholas.

Would have been 5th without a 30 sec penalty! Still scratching our heads about that penalty.

  • WV4+  6th of 17. Cox: Max Wohl, Stroke: Mackenzie, 3: Miranda, 2: Jacqueline, Bow: Kelly.

After hitting a submerged log so hard in the final stretch they thought they must have knocked off the fin, who knows where they might have finished. Great recovery ladies, great result. (And no boat damage!)

  • MJV4+ 6th of 18.  Cox: Max Bretl, Stroke: Stephen, 3: Sean, 2: Jack Darling, Bow: Jared.

Raced in a HW boat and flew round this course. Made this crew work despite only a few practices together.

  • MJV8+  13th of 15. Cox: Sam, Stroke: Isaac, 7: Rob, 6: Tim, 5: Mike Breed, 4: Josh, 3: Will, 2: Max Wohl, Bow: Max Bretl.

A misleading result, a close race with crews 1st through 13th coming in within a minute and a half and our boys coming in nearly 2 mins quicker than 15th.

  • WJV8+  3rd of 8 Cox: Lulu, Stroke: Leah, 7: Zoey, 6: Maddie, 5: Lauren, 4: Katie, 3: Abbey, 2: Brianna, Bow: Lizzie.

A great result with an aggressive finish. A great camaraderie within this crew, working hard for each other.

  • MV8+  10th of 14 Cox: Sam, Stroke: Andrew, 7: Mike Szymanek, 6: Ryan, 5: Jack Stauffer, 4: Jordan, 3: Jared, 2: Jack Darling, Bow: Derek.

Some tired legs as this was the second race of the day for bow 4. A race to the start too, hot seating between boats. Despite this, great length and clean blade-work. A good result for our final race of the day.