Boat Move – Saturday, November 19

Boat Move
Saturday, November 19
8:00 am – 11:00 am
Or Until Finished

Boat Related Tasks

  • De-rig and move all boats, riggers and oars to the trailer & label accordingly
  • The boats designated for possible repair and sale will be put on the smaller trailer.
  • The sweep oars will be stored on the little trailer; the sculling oars will be stored on the large trailer.
  • All PRIVATE boats MUST be removed from the site by the 19th. There will NOT be storage of PRIVATE boats at the site over the winter.

Site Clean Up

  • Bring rakes & gloves for general clean-up
  • Move the safety gear to the back shed.
  • Clean up the tool shed.
  • Take motors off of the launches and move them to storage.
  • Take batteries out of launches and move them to storage.
  • Move the black/red launch to the rear shed area and store it upside down.
  • Put the three launches to be discarded in an accessible area up front, for sale/disposal/recycle (perhaps on one of the launch trailers). We are assuming new launches will be purchased for 2017.
  • Locate the launch trailers together.
  • Remove “night lights”, take out batteries and store in them in the back shed.
  • Remove remaining gas from site – donate to drivers of trailers if they want it poured into their vehicles.
  • Take motor/gas lock and lock sheds.