Blue Flag Territory

Today (10/15/2015) we dipped into Blue Flag Territory for the first time this season. For new rowers, and a reminder for the rest, a Blue Flag indicates that the water temperature has fallen below 60 degrees and appropriate precautions should be taken.

The club website flag indicator will be blue when the temperature has fallen below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as monitored by the USGS site. As always flags flown above the desk have precedence over the website, but be aware as we move into fall the water will be colder in general and additional caution is advised.

Per our Safety Flag Definitions a Blue Flag means:

“Rowers classified as Novice and Youth rowers should adhere to the “Four Oars Rule”.  If the combined water/ambient air temperature does not total 90 degrees (F) or greater (with water temperature at least 45 degrees) a SCRC boat must use at least four oars to ensure a minimum of stability in the water.”

Review the USRowing Safety Guideline sections related to cold and hypothermia.