SCRC Youth Sessions

Spring Session:  April and May with erg training and on-water rowing as weather/water permits.

Summer Session:  June and July for experienced youth. This program includes attendance to three regattas and includes our ‘away’ regatta, in Washington DC.

Fall Session:  September and October for experienced youth, including those who learned how to row during the summer. This program includes attendance to three regattas.

Program Cost

The cost per session is calculated seasonally based upon the number of rowers attending. SCRC team members training year-round may pay about $1,650 annually for coaching, equipment, membership dues, and regattas.

Swim Certification

All youth are required to pass a swim certification. The Swim certifications are kept on file with SCRC Membership information and only need to be completed once.

Team Uniforms (Uni)

Athletes are required to wear SCRC youth team uniforms during regattas. Orders for team uni’s are placed in  August each year. Team members have the option of wearing a one- or two-piece uniform, based on personal preference. Order forms with prices and size details are issued via email to rowers and parents. The cost of the uni is not included in the team program fees

Youth Scholarship

Coaching scholarships are available to enable youth, regardless of financial circumstances, to join or remain a member of the team. Scholarship requests are confidential and decided by the Youth Committee. Scholarship requests are available on the SCRC website on the Youth menu.


Team payments are taken via PayPal when you have joined the team.

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