SAFETY – Water

As you all know we row in a river with an ever and quickly changing water level. We row in extremes of high and swift to low and “Rocky” waters. But we have limits and precautions to be taken when rowing between the “banks” of the these extremes.

The official water level that we use to judge whether it is safe to row is from the NOAA River Stage (ft) and Forecast as gauged in Trenton. The reason we use the Trenton level and not our New Hope/Lambertville level is because our gauge does not accurately report the level at the lower levels and it does not forecast the level.

The NOAA site can be found on the SCRC webpage in the left hand corner. It is tagged “river forecast”. The link is also below.,1,1,1,1,1

We have calibrated the Trenton level to what we have determined to be safe levels to row. Here is a bit of club history: The safe rowing level was told to us by Fred Lewis back when our club was on Lewis Island. There was a marker on the wall as you crossed the footbridge that was our indication to row or not.

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