Safety Flags

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Safety flags on the website, desk,  and the associated protocol:

  • In the left-hand menu on this website (or the bottom of the mobile app), there is a “flag” indicator that is updated in (semi) real time as the river level and water temperature change. The indicator is color coded to match the safety flags we display above the desk at the launch site (red, yellow, blue, brown).
  • The website “flag” is for guidance only. It is changed automatically based on data retrieved periodically from the USGS site. “Flags” displayed on the website cannot take into account conditions that are not related to water level and temperature. Conditions observed at the river may necessitate a more restrictive flag posted at the desk (e.g., heavy debris).
  • Note: The higher severity flag on the website or at the launch has precedence.
  • Any member encountering what they consider unsafe conditions may post a flag and must write in the log book why it was posted and by whom.
  • Only a board member may remove or downgrade a flag.
  • If you arrive at the site and find a flag you feel is posted erroneously, or perhaps posted when conditions were worse and have since improved, contact a board member to have it downgraded. Do not remove the flag on your own. Do not row.
  • If you are in doubt about your ability or the river conditions when no flags are present, err on the side of caution, and don’t go out.

est. 1992