Rule Summary

Boats and Equipment

  • Only SCRC members, their guests or participants in SCRC clinics are permitted to use SCRC boats and equipment.
  • Members must be in good standing before using club equipment and/or racking private boats.
  • All members are required to maintain equipment in clean and functioning condition with each use.  Changes in boat condition, necessary repairs, etc. must be communicated to Boat Captain by an entry in the boat site log book.
  • Do not launch or row in low water where boat damage could occur.
  • Private boats and oars may be used only with the owner’s permission.
  • Team boats are frequently scheduled. Before using a team boat, please check the schedule. If your team would like to schedule a boat, contact the Boat Scheduler.
  • Single club boats shall be used on a first come first serve basis.
  • All members using the boats (both club and private) shall sign the usage logbook indicating their name, the boat used, the time launched and retrieved.
  • No club equipment may leave winter storage areas without the written permission of the vice-president, except on the official Spring Boat move day.
  • Members must reserve club boats for away regattas on the official club calendar.  Conflicts will be resolved by the Board.
  • To remove boats from the site for any non-regatta related use, members must get approval from the Boat Captain.

The Boat Site

  • All SCRC members and guests will respect the public nature of the boat rack area and launch site at all times. This includes being mindful of noise, particularly in the early morning.
  • Do not leave any trash on the property at any time. A recycling bin is available for plastic bottles and cans. Check launch area for water bottles and clothes left after rowing.
  • Maintain a safe driving speed when approaching the boat site (not to exceed posted speed). Park only in designated parking areas.

Private Boat Storage

  • Club boats and equipment shall take priority over private boats and equipment in both summer and winter storage.
  • SCRC members will be given every consideration for private boat winter and summer storage, subject to change in response to available storage sites, facility fees and member needs.
  • Individual members will be notified of change in storage plans, and or fees, no less than 1 month prior to planned change.
  • All private boats and equipment allocated for winter storage shall be handled and marked by owners.
  • SCRC takes no responsibility for privately held equipment in winter/summer storage.
  • No private boat shall leave winter storage unless dues and storage fees are paid.
  • Any private boat left unattended or membership fees delinquent for 6 months shall be considered abandoned.  Before becoming club property, a registered letter noting the action and giving two weeks notice shall be sent to the owner at the owner’s address noted in the membership list.
  • In order to store boats in SCRC rented storage space, private boat owners must comply with the requirements set forth by the landlord (for example, sign a waiver).

The River

  • Always row “up river” on the New Jersey side; “down river” on the Pennsylvania side.
  • Obey “up river” and “down river” limits. (see river maps)
  • When tour boats are present, do not row in a way that blocks their progress.
  • Respect flags posted at boat site for all decisions to row (see “Hazardous Conditions” below).

Hazardous Conditions

  • Bow lights must be used on all boats at dawn and dusk.
  • No boats/rowers may be on the river in dense fog. Dense fog constitutes limited or no visibility of the free-bridge (New Hope-Lambertville) from the launch site.
  • SCRC uses a flag system to warn rowers of hazardous rowing conditions. When necessary, a flag will be posted at the boat launch site. All members must adhere to the defined flags at the boat launch site.
  • No member may remove or downgrade a flag without authorization from a board member.  Any member may “upgrade” a flag from no flag to yellow or from yellow to red if he or she believes there is potential danger to club equipment or other rowers. The member must then enter the change in the site log book and immediately notify a board member.  The flags indicate conditions as follows:

RED FLAG Dangerous condition.  No one is permitted to row.

YELLOW FLAG Caution is needed.  Novices and all youth (under age 18) shall not row unless under the supervision of a coach with launch. Experienced rowers row with caution.

BLUE FLAG Cold water condition. Novices may not row.  Experienced rowers row at own risk.  It is not recommended to row alone.

FISH FLAG Shad fishing is in progress.  Be alert to the fishing nets.


  • Annually, before using club equipment, all rowers/new members must – pay dues; fill out a membership application; sign a club waiver; complete (if 18 years and older) a self-certification of ability to swim.
  • Members under 18 years of age must have the parental consent portion of liability waiver completed, and in their first year take a basic swimming test from YMCA/YWCA, Red Cross or certified coach and complete the swimming certification form (which is filed for subsequent years).
  • New members must complete the Basic Skills Proficiency Checklist with an experienced club member confirming that all areas are satisfactorily met.
  • A novice is a rower with less than one year’s rowing experience or until approved by the boat captain. Novices may not instruct other novices.

Membership Dues

  • Dues are non-refundable.  Members with a specific hardship may submit written request to the SCRC president for consideration of refund of dues.
  • To be guaranteed a membership space for the new season, dues to renew current members are due and payable by April 1.  If dues from renewing members are not received by April 1, membership is no longer held in good standing and rowing privileges shall not be granted.
  • Applications for new members will not be accepted prior to April 1.
  • After April 1, membership spaces will be allocated in the order of the date that the applications are received.
  • Membership dues for new members are due and payable at the time of joining the club.
  • Membership renewal dues and joining dues are set annually by the Board and posted on the website.
  • Every member in the same membership category and time of joining the club shall pay the same amount in dues and shall receive the same club privileges.

Youth Rowers

  • A student member under the age of 18 may not row without an adult member (18 or older) on the water; or must receive written approval from a parent, coach and the Board in addition to a completed Advanced Skills checklist in order to row with another “advanced status” youth.  Youth rowers shall never row alone or under Yellow flag conditions.
  • Members under 13 must row with an approved sponsor and wear a PFD that they provide.  If club boats are used, the under 13 student shall use the novice single or team boats only.


  • Members must be rowers in good standing to sponsor a guest. The sponsoring SCRC member assumes responsibility for the guest being an experienced rower, capable of handling the equipment and rowing safely. Novices are not permitted to sponsor guests.
  • Guests must be adults, 18 years or older.
  • All guests must sign a club waiver and swim certification. The SCRC member is responsible to ensure that all information on the waiver is filled in and legible.
  • Guest must be accompanied by the sponsoring SCRC member while rowing.
  • A guest may row only three times as a non-member.


  • Instruction of new rowers occurs during scheduled Learn to Row clinics.  Instruction during clinics is provided by Board approved coaches and unpaid volunteer members.
  • SCRC members in good standing may volunteer to be new member mentors.  New member mentors will be assigned/coordinated with new member through club sponsored clinics. SCRC volunteer member mentors will adhere to defined SCRC documentation of new member proficiency checklists, waivers and instruction guidelines.
  • Experienced club members, who are approved by the Board, may provide instruction to new rowers for a fee.  All fees are privately set and collected without involvement from the club.
  • Professional rowing coaches, approved by the board, may provide private instruction to experienced member rowers.  All fees are privately set and collected without involvement from the club.  Approved coaches must be SCRC members (coach/cox membership).

est. 1992