In line with Governor Murphy’s decision to reopen the parks, I wanted to share with you our Club’s updated policy for members wishing to row with strict social distancing in place.
But first, if any of the following conditions apply, I regret that this rowing activity remains prohibited at this time:
1. Row as part of an organized group activity such as Youth Team, W1 or Men’s 8+
2. Row under guidance with a coach in a launch
3. Row in a boat with others that you have not been sheltering-in-place with
4. Have little to no experience rowing a single and/or have not been authorized by our Boat Captain to row independently
All of the above scenarios remain prohibited and we ask that you remain patient, stay safe and encourage you to remain active off the river for the time being.
If you are a private boat-owner, you can now row in line with the Rowing Conditions listed below.
If you are a Club member interested in rowing a Club-owned single (or double with a household member or romantic partner who you have been sheltering in place with), please email your interest to [email protected].
In your email, please name the Club boat(s) that you have historically rowed or would like to row. If you’re not sure if our Boat Captain or Club Secretary know you, and/or you don’t have a boat preference, please also specify your rowing experience in a single, along with your height and weight.
Our Boat Captain will then contact those Club members with a determination on a boat that you will be permitted to row in accordance with the Rowing Conditions listed below.
1. Strict adherence to CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others:

a. Sanitize hands immediately before and after accessing our site
b. Keep at least 6ft away from others at all times
c. It is recommended that you wear a cloth face covering until you are out on the water and after returning to the ramp
d. NOTE: The restrooms at the site remain closed. Rowers need to bring their own hand-cleaning supplies
2. Rower responsibility for rigging, cleaning and disinfecting equipment before and after use:
a. As the Club’s storage trailer remains closed at this time, all rowers are responsible for bringing their own rigging tools and boat cleaning supplies to and from the site each time they row.
b. Prior to your row, spray down your boat with a disinfectant mix as specified by our Boat Captain.
c. Use a disinfectant wipe to wipe down slings, oar handles, oar locks, seat, shoes and general cockpit area.
d. On boat return, rinse and repeat. Use a disinfectant wipe to wipe down oar handles, oar locks, seat, shoes, general cockpit area and slings and then spray down your boat with disinfectant mix and towel dry.
3. Strict adherence with Club safety and rowing protocols:
a. Follow safety flag protocol regarding river level and temperature
b. Understand river traffic patterns including the arches to row through, rocks and shoals to be navigated around and the seasonal changes that affect them
c. Boat use reserved and documented in iCrew
d. SCRC and USRowing membership in good standing with waivers signed
4. Agreement with the following disclaimer:
As is the case with any public or other facility outside of the home, use of Swan Creek Rowing Club’s site and equipment may expose you to the COVID-19 virus. Your decision to use SCRC’s site and equipment is made knowingly and voluntarily by you with full knowledge of this risk. If you disagree, do not come to row. Otherwise, your use of SCRC’s site and equipment shall constitute a waiver, and will release Swan Creek Rowing Club from any and all liability with respect to exposure to the COVID-19 virus.
For now, if you can find recreation away from the river, we encourage you to do so.
However, the Board also want to recognize that for those who can row independently, rowing a designated single on the Delaware is an appropriate, socially-distanced recreational activity to engage with during this difficult time in line with the Governor’s provision for canoeing and boating.  
If interested, please email [email protected].
Bill King
Swan Creek Rowing Club

est. 1992