Report RIVER HAZARDS on icrew

The following video  shows how to report river hazards observed using iCrew.

We have this set up so if you report the issue and indicate it’s an ‘Announcement only‘ all club members who have provided their email address (and those who have also indicated they’re willingness to get a text message) will get notified without anyone having to contact the board.

Again the email  is always sent if you have selected ‘Announcement only‘, the text message is an optional addition.

To review you can:

  • Login to iCrew
  • Select ‘Discussions‘ tab
  • Select ‘New Discussion
  • Fill out all required information:
    • Choose the appropriate Channel: River Hazards 
    • Enter the Title: Please indicate the date and a brief description.
    • Select the tab to make this an Announcement only
    • Describe the hazard
    • Flag it as Important
    • Post

Thank you for your help on this. Hopefully this will expedite the reporting of these types of hazards. 

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