Weekly Safety/Boat Handling/Policy Reminders – Week One: Flag System

We’ll be publishing weekly reminders regarding safety, boat handling, and useful club policies. These are generally available in other places on the website but will be highlighted in a periodic blog post as a refresher to old members and to help new members get up to speed. The first such posting:

How will I know when it is too dangerous to row?

First, use common sense. If it looks too dangerous to row (current too fast, too windy, high waves, too foggy, too cold, water temperature less than 50 air less than 32°), do not row. SCRC uses a flag system to warn rowers of hazardous rowing conditions.

  • When necessary a flag will be posted at the boat storage site.
  • No member may remove or change a flag without authorization from a board member.  The only exception is that a member may upgrade from no flag to yellow or from yellow to red if he or she believes there is a significant risk to rowers.  The member must then enter the change in the site’s log book and immediately notify the board.
  • Red Flag indicates dangerous conditions. Nobody rows.
  • Yellow Flag indicates caution is needed. Novicesmay not row. Others should use great care and proceed directly upstream above the free bridge.  Only return below the free bridge to land.  Do not go below the sewer plant wall when approaching the landing area.
  • Blue Flag indicates cold water. Novices may not row, and experienced rowers row at your own risk.
    Singles should not go out alone.
  • Fish Flag means shad fishing is in progress, be alert to avoid the fishing nets around and upstream of Lewis Island.

[Note: Board members, please let me know if any of this material needs revision]