Weekly Reminder – Visibility



Fog season is coming upon us. You will probably come down to row on what seems to be a sunny day only to find the river soaked in fog. The rule is simple–don’t row if you can’t see the free bridge from the launch area. There are just too many risks of what you can’t see and who may not be able to see you to be rowing. Generally the fog will clear as the sun rises and you will be able to go out. If you do go out and the fog rolls in, simply slowly come in.


Not that darkness is a “weather condition” but it is something to consider as the days are sadly getting shorter. To keep it simple and easy to remember, starting in September, if you row after 5 pm, use a bow light on your boat. There is a bin of bow lights in the shed. And use your best judgment to get off of the river at twilight.

[Note: Board members, please let me know if any of this material needs revision]