Time to Vote

It’s time to vote for the members of the Swan Creek Rowing Club Board for 2016. Information about the election has been mailed out via Constant Contact on 11/24/2015 with the subject line “Participate in Swan Creek Rowing Club’s 2016 Board Election”. Voting will take place through an online survey which is linked to in the email.

Please vote by December 1.

Candidates are:

  • President – Richard Park
  • Vice President – Alan Albanir
  • Treasurer – Andrew Weinstein
  • Secretary – Bonnie Snider
  • Board (choose 5) –
    • Holly Green
    • Maria Michener
    • Holly Sleph
    • Ted Pytlar
    • Logan Fitzsimons
    • Olivia Cantrell
    • Jack Patterson

Bios are available in the email mentioned above.

Any questions, please email Nancy at [email protected]

Thank you for voting!
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Swan Creek Rowing Club