Site Cleanup/Boat Move Schedule Change

Hi everyone, the schedule for the site cleanup and boat moves has changed. Please see below.

Saturday March 21st, 9:30-12:30 there will be some rack remediation work going on. If you are handy (can accurately swing hammer, work a screw driver, know what a ratchet wrench is, have a strong back to dig a hole, have set posts before, can lift heavy items then we want you if you can make it. Probably don’t need more than 10 people at most. Please email [email protected] if you can make it.

Saturday March 28th 9:30-12:30 or when done. All hands needed for the big site cleanup and boat move. Please bring rakes as we will be moving wood chips. We will be doing general cleanup. Wear gloves/long pants and long sleeves to protect yourself. We will use the same time to get the boats to the site. We may leave a few boats on the trailers as 100% of everything may not be ready, but having them at the site, gives the opportunity for teams to get their boats rigged when timing permits.

Please note that this is still very early in the season which means water and air temps are still cold. Just because the boats are at the site, everyone will still need to abide by the flags and rules for safe rowing.

Thanks, Alan