SCRC’s iCrew General Information

On August 1, 2019,  Swan Creek changed our boat reservation and team scheduling to iCrew in an effort to better track our boat usage and repair logs and also as a method to set up different teams for groups such as ‘Club Row’ and ‘Learn to Row’.

We are also using it now to schedule boat usage for various team practices and regattas so other club members will know ahead of time which boats & oars will be unavailable during these times.  

Any club member wishing to reserve a boat or sign-up for a team practice session should have an iCrew account. If you do not yet have one use the following steps to set one up:

  • Visit
  • Create a User ID (email address recommended), a password and list your email address and First and Last Name.
  • Select the type of rower you are e.g. I’m an Adult Rower.
  • Add yourself to one of the Club Teams/Groups where appropriate. If you don’t row with any of the Teams/Groups e.g. you row a private single, you don’t need to select a Team/Group.
  • Click Register.

After this is completed the SCRC iCrew Admin’s (  will receive an email telling them you have signed up and we can set up the privileges you’d require to reserve a boat and you’re off from there.

For more information on how to reserve a boat for your personal/non-team use visit Non-team Reservations (all members).

Only those designated as a coach are allowed to create Teams and set up Sessions for those teams (reserving boats for those sessions). If you want to be able to do this please contact and we will work with you to get your team set-up. 

Remember you can always connect to iCrew using your home computer:

To download the app on your Android or Apple Smart Phone/Tablet clicking on  the appropriate link below:

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