SCRC Boundary & Launch

Please be aware of our site footprint and sharing the ramp with others. Below are some pointers to follow.

  • Store equipment within the wood chips and not on the grass.  SCRC leases the area within the wood chips.
  • Do not leave slings on the grass or street while you are rowing. If you want to move the boat from the rack to slings before rowing, put the slings on the woodchips. Putting the slings on the grass and road impedes lawn mowing.
  • Before launching and when you return, place the blades to the side off of the concrete ramp (so that a vehicle does not run over them.
  • After you put the boat in the water and secure the blades, launch the boat. Adjust the foot stretchers and secure your feet after launching when you are on the water and away from the ramp.   
  • If you are at the ramp and forget something, move the boat to the side so that you do not hinder any other boat from launching.