Results of Equipment Survey

The purpose of the survey was to collect data on the sizes of athletes in the club and determine what club members want in equipment purchases.  I think this survey demonstrates a good cross-section of the club.

It was my strong opinion that with the purchase of multiple boats looming, it became important to understand the club member demographics and purchase equipment based on the club as a whole.

Please note that survey respondents could answer more than one choice on the survey expect for the weight category.  All responses were anonymous.


  • 60 club members responded to the survey
  • 45 club members row 1Xs, 29  members row 2Xs, 22 members 4X, 14 members 2-, 32 members 4+, 37 members 8+
  • 21 members (33% of respondents) classified themselves as under 145 pounds, 31 between 145 lbs and 195 lbs (49.3%),  and 11 (17.5%)  members over 195 pounds..
  • 36 % of the members do a mix of sweep and sculling.  27% do mostly sculling while 23% do mostly sweep rowing
  • 60% of the respondents have been rowing for more than 5 years
  • 45% of the respondents race more than 3 times per year while 38% do not race at all.
  • 62% of the respondents plan on racing next year
  • 77% of the time, the boat people prefer is available to row.
  • Most are willing to assist in boat and site maintenance but, on a limited basis
  • The most popular brands of boat (in order of popularity) are:  1)Hudson 2) Vespoli 3) Kashper 4) Empacher 5) Murray’s Hollowed out log.  The rest of the brands has small percentages of respondents.


Most of the comments were that people wanted better quality boats, people like the Sykes we are renting, and members wanted to know if we had a long term plan to acquire a boat house.

I found this quite helpful.