Realtime “Flag” Updates

In the left-hand menu on this site (or the bottom of the mobile app), there is a “flag” indicator that is updated in (semi) real time as the river level and water temperature change. The indicator is color coded to match the safety flags we display above the desk at the launch site (red, yellow, blue, brown). See this page for Safety Flag meanings. The website “flag” is changed based on data retrieved periodically from the USGS site. The flags will change as the USGS site is updated in this order:

  • RED  – River level (at Trenton) greater than 12 feet
  • RED  – Water temperature less than 45 degrees fahrenheit
  • YELLOW – River level between 11 and 12 feet
  • BLUE – Water temperature less than 60 degrees fahrenheit
  • BROWN – River level below 8.5 feet

Flags displayed above the desk have precedence over the website “flags” as there may be other restrictions unrelated to level and temperature that limit our ability to row.