Hold On Cramp Right Leg Regatta 2018

Swan Creek Hold On Cramp Right leg (HOCRl) Regatta

On Saturday October 20th, Masters and Youth combined for a fun regatta on our stretch of the Delaware River which culminated in the marquee “Blade of Glory” event. It was a fantastic sight to see three multi-gender, multi-generational 8+s lined up and sprint racing under the free bridge to round out our year on/off the water! Thanks to all for participating and especially to our Youth Coaches for coordinating the chaos into a great event!

More pictures here: 


Alert: High Water 9/11/2018

As of 8:30 am on 9/11/2018 the river is above 11 feet and the Yellow Flag is posted. Expect the level to come up further this week and into the weekend.

(Note: this is a static screen capture as of about  8:30 am on 9/11/2018 . Go to the live NWS site for a current update.)

Monitor the flag indicator on this website, and the physical flag posted at the boat side for changes. River gauge can be found here.

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