OAR Studio Opening August 21st

And from our very own David Sylvester:

Dear Local Health and Fitness Fans,
On August 21st OAR Studio will officially open for business. New Hope, Lambertville and the surrounding areas now have a locally owned, completely transformed neighborhood space dedicated to rowing and health.
The OAR Studio’s vision is to create an intimate, upbeat and stunning environment that incorporates safe, efficient and effective forms of exercise. Indoor rowing fits the mold as with each and every stroke you are rhythmically engaging over 85% of your muscles, including all large muscle groups, heart and lungs.
For those of you unaware, rowing is a full body, low impact workout that is underrated, underutilized and misunderstood. Together we will master the rowing art and start you on a path to enjoy rowing-based workouts going forward. We will row together for health.
OAR Studio needs your help to make our story a smashing success. Plan to soon signup and help us spread the word. As a reminder, we are offering free open house morning sessions this weekend which you can sign up for here. Visit the stunning OAR Studio to see firsthand that in terms of training value for time spent, there is little that rivals rowing.
Here’s to rowing yourself to good health,
David Sylvester
Chief Rowing Officer
Website: oarstudio.co

Alert: High Water 8/5/2018 (Update)

As of 12:30pm on 8/5/2018 the river is at 14.6′ and is not expected to fall below 12′ until sometime on Tuesday 8/7/2018. 

When the river is at and above 12′ there is NO ROWING.

(Note: this is a static screen capture as of about 12:30pm on 8/5/2018. Go to the live NWS site for a current update.)

Monitor the flag indicator on this website, and the physical flag posted at the boat side for changes. River gauge can be found here.

Quaker City Masters Regatta 2018

Club Results:

  • Mens A-H 2-, (Gallagher, Albanir) 1 of 5 <<< GOLD
  • Mens A-H 2-, (Price, Rahtz) 3 of 5
  • Mens D-H 1x Heat 8a, (Gallagher) 3 of 3
  • Mens D-H 1x Heat 8b, (Albanir) 4 of 4
  • Mens D-H 1x Heat 8c, (Hill) 1 of 5 <<< GOLD
  • Mens D-H 1x Heat 8c (Platt as FRA) 3 of 5
  • Womens D-H 1x Heat 9c (Glover) 1 of 3 <<< GOLD

Our entries in the Mens D-H 4+, Womens D-H 4x, and Mens D-H 2x did not get to row due to worsening conditions on the race course and the cancellation of afternoon racing.

Full results here

Special Needs Learn To Row Program

The Special Needs Learn To Row Program was an opportunity for special needs youth to be introduced to the unique sport of rowing. In early August, six students from New Hope Solebury High School were brought down to the Delaware River to learn more about our sport.

Six experienced youth, a coach, and two masters from Swan Creek along with three teachers fromNew Hope Solebury gathered to teach them something that they normally wouldn’t get to experience.

In the first session the students were taught the basics about the boats, including how to get into the boat and how to handle the oar using a trainer on land.

They then went out on launches to see the Swan Creek youth put what they learned into action. In the second session they built on what they learned before adding in helping carry the boat down to the water and practice the skills that they were taught before by climbing into an actual boat on the water.

Their enthusiasm and willingness to try something new, which was an enormous step in their otherwise routine-based lives, was infectious. The smiles on the students’ faces while they were taught how to row was something no one would forget. 

Special thanks to Olivia Ondis for pulling this program together.

And thanks to Trish Riley for the photos. The full collection is here.

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