Nancy Beadle Memorial Scholarship 2018

First Annual Nancy Beadle Memorial Scholarship Presentation
As some of you know, Nancy Beadle was a member of Swan Creek Rowing Club, who served on the Swan Creek Board for two years, and loved being part of a sport that required individuals to continually challenge themselves to advance the performance of their team. Nancy was particularly fond of the Swan Creek youth program because she valued the contributions the youth members made to the club, by helping the masters at regattas, doing work at the site during the season, and assisting in end-of-season boat storage and equipment maintenance.

When Nancy passed away last year, her family graciously offered to honor her memory by funding a $2,000 scholarship to be awarded annually by the Delaware River Recreation Foundation to a senior Swan Creek youth athlete who shared Nancy’s love of rowing, courage in the face of challenges, and dedication to one’s community. This year’s selection committee received a number of impressive and moving applications, which made the decision very difficult and quite close.

The person ultimately selected by the committee demonstrated, as Nancy did, courage in the face of personal challenge, dedication to her community and an abiding appreciation for rowing as a transcending and positive force in her life. Please join us in congratulating Michaela Park as the winner of the 2018 Nancy Beadle Memorial Scholarship.

Alert: Debris Hazard

As of 8/21/2018 at 7:00 am, there is a log blocking a decent part of the second arch from the New Hope side of the free bridge. It could dislodge during the day.

Masters Nationals 2018

USRowing Masters Nationals
August 16-19, 2018 – Oakland, CA

Ray Hill made it to the finals in the Mens Single!

– Men’s Open E 1x Heat 2, 3 of 6
– Men’s Open E 1x Final, 6 of 6

Ray’s photofinish in the heat (that’s Ray in lane 1, far side):

OAR Studio Opening August 21st

And from our very own David Sylvester:

Dear Local Health and Fitness Fans,
On August 21st OAR Studio will officially open for business. New Hope, Lambertville and the surrounding areas now have a locally owned, completely transformed neighborhood space dedicated to rowing and health.
The OAR Studio’s vision is to create an intimate, upbeat and stunning environment that incorporates safe, efficient and effective forms of exercise. Indoor rowing fits the mold as with each and every stroke you are rhythmically engaging over 85% of your muscles, including all large muscle groups, heart and lungs.
For those of you unaware, rowing is a full body, low impact workout that is underrated, underutilized and misunderstood. Together we will master the rowing art and start you on a path to enjoy rowing-based workouts going forward. We will row together for health.
OAR Studio needs your help to make our story a smashing success. Plan to soon signup and help us spread the word. As a reminder, we are offering free open house morning sessions this weekend which you can sign up for here. Visit the stunning OAR Studio to see firsthand that in terms of training value for time spent, there is little that rivals rowing.
Here’s to rowing yourself to good health,
David Sylvester
Chief Rowing Officer

est. 1992