Kings Head Regatta 2017

Silver for the quad after recovering from a full stop on the race course when another boat flipped and blocked their path

Club Results:

  • Mens Club 1x, William Risko, 2 of 5
  • Mens Veteran 1x (55-69), Ray Hill, 11 of 16
  • Womens Veterans 1x (55-69), Pat Glover, 1 of 4 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Master 4+ (27-Up), Bob Seaver, William King, David Gallagher, James Mayer, Carolyn Huckel), 1 of 5 <<< GOLD
  • Mens Master 4+ (27-Up), Richard Park, Matt Jezyk, Juergen Rahtz, Brian Price, RoseAnn Price), 2 of 5
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, Michael Rahtz, Benjamin Doman, Will Darling, Ian Fitzsimons, Lindsey McBride, 5 of 7
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 4+, Shelby Williford, Emma Akbari, Janine LeChien, Olivia Ondis, Anna Gambescia, 2 of 5
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 4+, Logan Fitzsimons, Gabrielle Roberts, Riley Cooper, Marlaina Webster, Michaela Park, 7 of 12 
  • Mens Master 8+ (27-Up), Matt Jezyk, Bob Seaver, William King, James Mayer, Richard Park, David Gallagher, Juergen Rahtz, Brian Price, RoseAnn Price, 5 of 7
  • Mens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, Brendan Falk, George Ashford III, Hayden Baker, Ryan Stack, Alexander Mott, Benjamin Doman, Ian Fitzsimons Michael Rahtz, Lindsey McBride, 7 of 8
  • Womens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, Kathryn Spolar, Cassandra Diaz, Kaitlin Benson, Holland Engel, Emily Carleton, Maddie Wanzer, Mikayla Stewart, Ena Altier, Carolyn Huckel, 9 of 13
  • Mens HS/Youth JV/JR 4+, Ben Ondis, Aaron Hafner, James Hunt, Bailey Cooper, Anna Gambescia, 4 of 9
  • Womens Master 4x, Karen Palestini Falk, Rebecca Hodges, Patricia Riley, Linda Kruus, 2 of 2
  • Womens HS/Youth Varsity/Sr 8+, Logan Fitzsimons, Emma Akbari, Shelby Williford, Janine LeChien, Gabrielle Roberts, Riley Cooper, Olivia Ondis, Marlaina Webster, Michaela Park, 8 of 13
  • Mens HS/Youth JV/JR 8+, Henry Ashford, Ian Vogelsang, Ronan Engel, Silas Ashton, Samuel Clayton, James Hunt, Bailey Cooper, Caleb Ferraez, Carolyn Hucke, 3 of 5
  • Mixed 8+, James Mayer, David Gallagher, Richard Park, Mark Craig, Stella Volpe, Maura O’Donnell, Deborah Jones, Megan DeFeo, RoseAnn Price, 4 of 4

Full results here

Both Mens Fours with medals for 1st and 2nd

Sculling Oars Selection is by Boat Type

Our Sculling Oars are organized on the oars rack in sets, specifically dedicated to Quad use, Doubles use and Singles use. Oars for the Quads and Doubles are matched sets and we kindly ask that rowers not split the sets to use on boats other than those to which the oars are assigned.

Quad Use Only: Purple and Blue Banded Oars located on the left side of the rack
Doubles Use Only: Orange and Yellow Banded located in the middle of the rack
Singles Use Only: Located on the right side of the rack

Please take a moment to revisit the Oars Chart posted on the side of the rack to ensure you are selecting the appropriate oars for the boat you are rowing. It is out of courtesy to our fellow club members that we ask you to only use the oars assigned to the specific boat types, whether rowing on the Delaware or heading to a regatta.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wanted: Nine Exceptional Members

Our annual Board Election is just around the corner and we need members to step up and volunteer to run for the 2018 SCRC Board. The Board works best when we have members from all rowing categories, both novice and experienced, so everyone is invited to throw their hat into the ring!

Swan Creek Rowing Club is a volunteer managed organization and without our Board, we have no club so please give this request some serious thought.

A formal request for candidates is forthcoming. Being on the Board doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time but it is essential for our success as a club to have everyone participate at one time or another.

Could this be your year? Contact

Spirit Wear Deadline 9/17/2017

Swan Creek Spirit Wear items are now available online for a very limited time!

We have some great Spirit Wear items for our Fall Season. Please follow the link to the Swan Creek online store; the sale begins today (9/14/2017). The lead time from order to finished product is approximately 3 weeks so we need to act quickly.

The final day for ordering is this Sunday, September 17, by 11:59 pm.

When you place your order and check out, you will have the option of paying for delivery to your home OR free bulk shipping. If you choose bulk shipping, we will arrange for pickup once the order has been received by Swan Creek.

The adult items in the first row are unisex and the gear is provided by multiple vendors. There are size charts for each individual item available on the site so once you click into the item details of the product that interests you, be sure to verify your size for that particular vendor before ordering.

Any questions or concerns please email Joanne Roberts at

PS: SCRC Spirit-Wear makes great Holiday Gifts for the Family!

Uniforms – 2 Day Sale!

The youth are placing a last minute uniform order from JL, to be delivered before September 24th, Kings Head Regatta. If you’d like a racing uniform I need your choice (tank, trou, unisuit) plus measurements (or previous known JL size) to me, Coach Min (, by close of day Tuesday, September 5

See your Constant Contact email for pictures, sizing information and more details. If you did not receive the email, also contact Coach Min (above).


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