Welcome to our new site everyone!

Now that we are finally on site and actively rowing, there are a few procedures that have changed and/or need to be clarified with respect to our new location and equipment.


Please park up behind the bathrooms. The fence has drastically cut down the roadside parking for those using the public boat ramp. Be a good neighbor and leave the roadside parking for those hauling trailers. Do not park along the road. SCRC should park up behind the bathrooms and along the back fence of the treatment plant.

Overall Site Usage – All Equipment within Boat Rack Footprint Only!

We are now in a far more visible location. As a result, we ask all members to make a concerted effort to maintain the site in a neat and minimalist fashion.

All of our equipment in the new “chips” area should be located within the footprint of each of the boat racks. Please place slings up against the boat racks, do not rest them against the trees. If you are using a club single near the front rack, do not leave the slings in between the singles and eights rack.

Let’s help each other out — if something is out of place, put it back before you leave.

Oar Usage

Oars will need to go back where they were taken from. We will be putting together a diagram for oars once the replacement cassette holders are delivered from Row America.

Boat Strapping

For all singles, it is necessary to place your boat in the middle of the shelf. Placing the single up against the vertical upright makes it too difficult to get the single out below and interferes with the riggers from the boat on the other side of the rack.

It is very important to strap all boats down at the end of your row. Use two straps on every size of boat. If you are unsure that you are strapping a boat down correctly, don’t hesitate to ask a fellow Club member.

Storage Trailer

The storage trailer is now where we used to keep our boat trailers. It will eventually be moved down close to the Splash ramp. If you need access to the storage trailer, please email Brian Price at bripri@gmail.com. I will email you the code/instructions on the lock. Bob Edwards did an amazing job organizing the storage trailer. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything. If you see something missing, email Bob at bobnanedw@comcast.net. If you need to store something in the trailer, you should contact Bob or Brian first.


There are going to be lots of opportunities to volunteer over the course of the year. We’d like to see every member pitch in at some stage to help with running the Club and/or maintaining our site. It can be as simple as picking up some trash you notice before leaving the site or volunteering to jump in a coxswain seat one session for the good of the crew.

This week’s volunteer opportunity: The giant logs to the left of the boat ramp. We have permission to remove these (and would like to if we can) so that we can position our storage trailer closer to our site. We are looking for anybody that has access to a giant saw, knows somebody who would cut and remove the wood and or the ingenuity to figure out how we can dispose of. 

Spring Improver Clinic

 Spring has arrived and it’s time to get back out on the river! 
The Club is very excited to offer Masters Rowers a Spring Improver Clinic with former Oregon State and Vesper rower Saasha Bruce.  All levels are welcome. 
The clinic is open to all Club members wanting to brush up and improve their rowing skills, sweep or scull.  
Day and Time: Sundays at 9 am 
Number of Weeks: 5  
Start Date: May 6, 2018 
End Date: June 3, 2018 
Cost: $40* 
*We’ve priced this Clinic knowing that we’re all busy and likely to miss a session or three. Even if that’s the case, this clinic is a steal! Price assumes a certain number of participants. Could be marginally higher if we don’t get enough interest so grab your buddy and make sure that doesn’t happen! 
Reasons to sign up: 
  • Desire to improve sweep, sculling or both techniques 
  • Find other masters rowers in the Club to row with 
  • Take the next step following Learn To Row classes 
  • Develop the blade work to compete for a Regatta seat 
Seats will fill up fast. Email membership@swancreekrowing.com to confirm your place today. 

Swan Creek … Attention … Row!

Effective immediately, our new home is open for rowing. Boats can now be rigged, rowed and racked!


Please note that Safety Flags still need to be obeyed (posted on our Club website and to be posted at the site). As of the time of this email, we are under a RED Flag warning prohibiting any rowing activity (although temperatures are expected to rise this weekend).


If you have not yet renewed your 2018 Membership, you are not permitted to use the Site or Club equipment. Please visit our membership page on Regatta Central immediately to take care of this or email treasurer@swancreekrowing.com with questions.


If you do get down to the site before we’ve been able to finish site set up, bring a wrench and be prepared to “rig and dig (out your oars).” A lot of the infrastructure we took for granted at our last site e.g. the key and logbook stand, the open equipment shed, the boat cleaning towels etc.… will be set up as we get the new site operational but are not in place yet.


A rack assignment plan will be circulated very soon. If you do bring your boat to the site, please note that it will be moved once the rack assignment plan is published. Contact boatcaptain@swancreekrowing.com with questions.


Now that we are operational, keep your eye out for our Spring Improver Clinic notification coming out really soon. Dust off your skills with an early season refresher. Contact membership@swancreekrowing.com for details.

Time to dig out your water sandals! I look forward to seeing you on the river soon.

Bill King

Coxswains Wanted

The club is looking for coxswains, experienced or willing to learn, for our masters competitive and recreational teams. Enjoy our beautiful stretch of the Delaware River, north of Philadelphia, and make new friends at our fun and informal club.

We row Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. Opportunities to cox at all or just one or two sessions a week.

Please contact Bill King at president@swancreekrowing.com if interested.

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