Mainline Slide 2017 Results

Swan Creek Youth had an AWESOME day at Mainline Slide at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, PA (Kobe Bryant’s high school). Medals and PRs galore.

Results as follows:

Junior Men – 40 participants

  • Will Darling 6:46.9 9th place
  • Ryan Stack 7:22.8 25th place

Junior Women – 31 participants

  • Cara Bradley 7:28.3 1st place

Junior Lightweight Men – 15 participants

  • Ian Fitzsimons 6:57.9 2nd place

Junior Frosh Women – 30 participants

  • Gabi Roberts 7:57.1 1st place
  • Olivia Ondis 8:19.6 4th place
  • Shelby Williford 8:26.7 5th place

Full results here

Well done to those who raced, they all raced strategically while others around them went out too quickly, a hard skill to master amid competitive chaos! What a warm-up for SCRCs own Ergfest!

Coach Min

Mainline2017a Mainline2017b

Winter Morning Ergs – Session 2 Starts 2/6/2017

Session 2 of our coached morning winter erg workouts at Wrightstown Health and Fitness begins on 2/6/2017.

No-one likes to erg alone!

  • Stay motivated with coached sessions.
  • Train with other club members.
  • Increase fitness with planned rowing workouts.


Monday/Friday@ 9:30 -10:30 am
– or –
Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:30 – 7:30 am

How much?

$60 for 8 sessions per month ($40 WHF + $20 coaching)


Wrightstown Health and Fitness
650 Durham Road
Newtown, PA 18940-9618

For more info contact:


Operating Committee Volunteers

It’s that time of the year again and we need to start preparing for the Rowing Season.  As you are aware, we are taking a different approach this year, going away from a Centralized Model (VP does a lot) to a De-Centralized Model with Operating Committees that are responsible to perform the upkeep of SCRC equipment during the rowing season.

Each Committee Lead will execute their responsibilities through organizing tasks with Club Members who volunteer to work with committees.  The first step is to identify the Committee Leads and then we can work on the details and tasks that follow.

We really need you to make this happen! Please send your interest in becoming a Committee Lead to Alan Albanir at as soon as possible and let’s make this a great season.  If you are interested in being part of a specific committee, please respond with your interests.   

Below is a list of Operating Committees with their associated responsibilities.  The list may look daunting, but by distributing the work among the members, it becomes very reasonable.  We will create a method for members to track their volunteer time as well as sign up for tasks that Committee Leads designate.

  • Site Committee – Bob Edwards – Committee Lead
    • Supplies Maintenance
      • Shed/Desk Organization
      • Maintain inventory of common bolt/nuts,  skegs, oar spacers, trailer flags, slings and tools
      • Maintain 2 Regatta tool boxes with appropriate equipment for basic repairs and rigging for races
      • Maintain dawn/dusk running lights and site dawn/dusk lights
  • Coordination of Rowing Season Site Tasks
    • Towels & boat cleaner
    • Weed and grass trimming; weed control
    • General site cleanliness
  • Coordination of Spring & Fall Site Cleanup
    • Maintain/repair boat & oar racks
    • Apply wood Chips each Spring
  • Launch/Trailer Committee –  LEADER VOLUNTEER NEEDED
    • Coordinate servicing of trailers and launch engines
    • Coordinate safety items for launches – life jackets, anchors and ladders
    • Coordinate setup and removal of launches for Spring & Fall
    • Coordinate new launches and disposal of old launches, as need
    • Coordinate with SCRC VP/Treasurer for gas purchases and registrations of equipment
    • Maintain docking lines
    • Address/coordinate any needs that come up during the season
    • Coordinate Painting of oars
    • Coordinate labeling and rigging of oars  (Inboard/outboard settings)
    • Coordinate repairs as needed during season
  • Team/Sculling Boat Committees – LEADER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Five (5)
    • The Men’s Masters, Women’s Masters, Women’s Quad, Youth and Sculling Team Committee Leads will be in charge of coordinating the overall care of their respective boats.  Boat committees will perform basic repairs (i.e: skegs, oar locks – training will be provided) and will work with the VP for major repairs.  Coordinate regular checking/cleaning and scheduling of needed tasks.

Contact Alan Albanir

Resolution Row Erg Race 2017

Club Results:

  • Alan Albanir (40-49), 6:32.4 (Age Group Winner)
  • Jack Gallagher (Mens HS Varsity), 6:36.7 (Category Winner)
  • David Gallagher (50-59), 6:55.7 (Age Group Winner)
  • Brian Price (40-49), 6:57.6
  • Juergen Rahtz (50-59), 7:06.6

Full results here

Our Mens Masters group at the Resolution Row in Westfield, NJ on 1/22/2017. Alan and Dave won their age groups.
Our Mens Masters group at the Resolution Row in Westfield, NJ on 1/22/2017. Left to right, Alan Albanir, Dave Gallagher, Juergen Rahtz, and Brian Price. Alan and Dave won their age groups.

2017 SCRC Application Available Now

This year we are sending the 2017 Swan Creek Rowing Club Application directly to the membership for your convenience.  You will be receiving the application as a separate email directly from our club Secretary, Bonnie Snider (  Please add her email address to your contacts to ensure you receive the application.

This year’s membership application reflects two new items which were announced at the 2016 Membership Meeting in December.

Full Year Dues for Masters now have Two Tiers:

  • Dues paid prior to March 1, 2017 will be $315 (as in 2016)
  • Dues paid (postmarked) after March 1, 2017 will be $350

Knowing the level of the Club Membership will allow the Board to better manage the 2017 Membership Roster.  The Board wants to ensure we do not over-extend our membership levels. Knowing the membership commitment before the rowing season begins will allow us to better manage our equipment and schedules.

Notice of Volunteer Hours:

New for this year, the application includes a notice regarding a requirement for a minimum of ten volunteer hours by each Club Member.  The goal of having volunteer hours is to enlist help for the many tasks required to run the Club during the rowing season.  In the past, the volunteer hours were more informal and performed by a limited number of members.

Last year we heard from many members that they are willing to help, they just need to know what they can do.  As a result, the Board is developing a more formal approach and a second communication will be sent with the details and type of tasks the membership can perform. We also believe this will be an opportunity for members to meet other SCRC members who row at different times or with specific groups.

Thanks! Swan Creek Rowing Club Board

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